Our Commitment to Safety

Reach Pilates Studio

Reach Pilates Studio -  Commitment to Safety

As we all begin to return to work and to our studios, Reach Pilates will be phasing in a reopening process that everyone who will be visiting our studio in the near future should all be aware of. Reach Pilates is aligning reopening procedures with that of both the State of California and Santa Clara County guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone.

Reach Pilates has put in place new safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of the studio and our community is protected by reducing the length of the classes and private sessions to allow enough time to clean and disinfect the studio for the next class or session.  A few safety measures that have been put in place include increased DAILY deep cleanings in the studio (including a thorough cleaning of all equipment between each class), increased usage of supplies of sanitizing and PPE products, a thorough check-in process for our clients, staggered classes or sessions in the studio for clients to allow for a safer entry and exit of the studio, as well as the equipment retrofitting (and replacements that will be necessary with the use of harsher, more frequent cleaning materials) to allow a safe distance between clients and instructors.

As we look to the future, we hope to be able to revert to full capacity and class usage.

Class Schedule

  • Classes will be 50-minutes each in order to account for the time to clean all of the equipment between each class, and to allow time for instructors to go through the check-in process with clients 1-by-1.
  • Classes will be limited to a small number to account for equipment spacing required by the State of California and Santa Clara County guidelines.
  • We will not be able to accommodate late arrivals to class due to the new processes put in place to abide by the State and County guidelines. Please arrive to class 5-10 minutes early.

Social Distancing in the Studio

  • All of our workout stations and reformers have been spaced out to be more than 6-feet apart. This includes the removal of a few stations in order to accommodate this social distance.
  • We are opting out of hands on adjustments. We as kthat you watch and listen for ques.
  • All common areas (lobbies, restrooms, cubbies) will be closed to clients to refrain congestion. Once in the studio or fitness center, clients will be asked to keep to their workout stations for the entirety that they are in the building.
  • Clients will need to come to class ready to workout. No restrooms will be available, and only bring in your keys, water bottle and shoes. Shoes must be removed behind the blue line near the front entrance. This is to help refrain from dirt and bacteria being tracked throughout the studio. You will then place your shoes at the exit door while you work out.
  • There are now designated entrance and exit doors for the studio. You may only enter the studio through the door facing the parking lot. Also, you may only exit the studio by the door closest to Emerson Street.
  • Clients will enter the studio one-by-one as you are called on by your instructor. Everyone entering the studio must sanitize their hands, and answer the questionnaire at the check-in desk that has been provided by Santa Clara County.
  • Disinfectant wipes are available for all clients to wipe down their equipment before and after class or private session.
  • As you exit the building, clients will be released from their station one-by-one, starting with the client closest to the exit door.

Equipment Usage

  • For the safety of all clients, your instructor will place all small tools at your station prior to your class, and your instructor will clean the small tools after class and put them away. This is to protect everyone and limit touch points and congestion in the studio or fitness center.
  • Extra small tools such as straps have been purchased to reduce the cleaning time between classes and private sessions.


  • Per the governor of California and in accordance with local health departments issued an order for face coverings when in public settings and when participating in indoor activities. All clients and staff will be required to have a face covering when entering and exiting the studio or fitness center. If you fall into one of the outlined exceptions for face coverings, you may remove them at your workout station but must have them on for the 1-2 minutes to exit/enter the studio. Please inform your instructor prior to the start of your class or private session if you fall under the exception in advance.
  • Reach Pilates has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to those refusing to wear masks when inside as Reach Pilates is following the guidelines per the State of California and Santa Clara County.
  • All clients must cancel their class or private session prior to the start of class if they experience COVID symptoms.

Cleaning and Safety

  • Reach Pilates has upgraded our cleaning procedures. The products used are effective in against common pathogens such as MRSA, Staph, cold & flu, coronavirus, and more.
  • Disinfectant wipes are readily available throughout the studio for clients for their convenience.
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations have been added throughout the studio.