“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”

-Joseph Pilates

Reach Pilates Studio
Reach Pilates Studio

Apparatus Classes

Reach Pilates Studio offers small group apparatus classes (max of 5 ppl) that are level based (I-IV) to provide continuity in our clients progression of the Pilates method. Our mixed level classes are appropriate for those without injuries and with prior Pilates experience. Appropriate variations and modifications will be taught for each level. If you are new to Pilates, you will start by taking our Private Introductory Sessions to learn the fundamentals of the Pilates method and prepare you to work safely and effectively in a faster moving group class.

Mat Classes

Our mat classes focus on the principles of the Pilates method (Breath, Concentration, Control, Center, Precision, Flow). They will help you with flexibility, range of motion, strength, posture and give a strong foundation for the apparatus work. Mat classes can sometimes include the use of small props. They are also an affordable way to practice Pilates on a weekly basis or add an extra class per week to the apparatus class a client is already taking.